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was electric. catholics at our lady of guadeloupe parish in san jose, could not contain their excitement. >> i'm very happy. i'm happy that one it's the first jesuit pope. secondly, it's from latin america. it can identify with some of the life we all live here. with latinos in our community. >> for the first time in the church's history, a pope from argentina. 42% of the world's catholic population lives in south america. many the hispanic community in san jose, say they already feel the connection, one based on language and culture. >> more importantly, that he does know our language and he identifies with us is a huge plus for us. >> students at the jesuit santa clara university erupted with joy when they heard pope francis had been elected. >> i think he's doing quite well to find his humility and sfs, i don't think papacy is going to change that. >> some feel pope francis will help bring back people to the catholic church. >> come back to the church to find out that we have somebody who we can actually have something in common with by either language, their culture. even if he is from sou
's biggest city. business owners decided to keep san jose beautiful. the story is today's bay area proud. >>> and black smoke. the first vote comes and goes without a pope. we're live from vatican city with the reaction. >>> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. i know a lot of you basking in the sunshine today. still holding on to a 79 in walnut creek. we'll talking about 80s and the potential of record heat on wednesday coming up in just a few minutes. >>> take a look. just before noon our time today, we saw black smoke billowing from the chimney of the sistine chapel. >> a signal that after day one of the conclave, no pope has been selected. the doors of the chapel were sealed. it appeared straight out of the pages of a dan brown novel. jay gray is live in vatican city. jay? >> reporter: always good to talk to you and you're right. the first ballot cast today and the cardinals sending their message to the world. they haven't quite settled yet on who will be the next man to lead their faith. with thousands gathered and watching in st. peter's square, black smoke b
. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> the messages inside that arena were powerful, but so is the scene outside. from santa cruz to san jose, thousands of people on the ground and even the police helicopters flying in formation. it's not often we see something like this. let's bring in kimberly tere who continues our coverage this evening from los gatos. >> reporter: raj, this is highway 17, the main corridor between santa cruz and the south bay. we saw law enforcement from the santa cruz area along with many other mourners head back over the hill about an hour and a half ago. the patrol cars had their lights on, but the highway was not shut down like it was during today's procession. the service for the two fallen police officers, lauren "butch" baker and elizabeth butler ended at about 3:00 p.m. law enforcement who showed up from across the continent lined up to pay their final respects. we saw officers from as far away as canada. the royal canadian mountain police were there along with numerous other agencies. reno and las vegas police to
, san jose police are investigating that city's 9th homicide of the year that happened around 4:30 this morning. police say that someone called 9-1-1 to report a man was shot. the victim died at the scene. investigators are researching tout neighbors with home security system to see if the shooting was caught on video. >> firefighters in oakland douse add fast-moving house fire near the airport. we remain over the home on hunter avenue near eldorado street. firefighters will sanctioned parts of the road and that is dangerous. the oakland police officers called the fire after spotting heavy shot and flames coming from the home. firefighters got the flames out but the home was damageed. >> happening right now, san jose is now home to the nation's biggest increase in the minimum wage. the bay hike makes minimum wage workers there the third highest in the nation behind san francisco and senator -- santa fe, new mexico. >> sue? >> starting today in san jose you will start seeing a lot more advertising and decals that say "earn and spend in san jose" in the business windows because of
of sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler walked down the aisle in san jose. butler's is 5-year-old son joaquin wore his mother's police cap. governor jerry brown, attorney general kamala harris, and former secretary of defense leon panetta paid respects to the two officers gunned down in the line of duty. >> these two fine officers on that tuesday afternoon did not look the other way. they drew the line. they were doing their job. and they paid the ultimate price. but in so doing, they saved the lives of others. >> officers and sheriff's deputies from across the state stood shoulder to shoulder to honor the legacy of the fallen officers. friends and coworkers described butch baker as a tenacious truth seeker who always bed with honor and worked hundreds of cases. >> he was the go-to guy. >> baker was also known for his sense of humor, his love of a good prank and for his devotion his three kids and his wife. beth butler's sister sboek about her younger sister who loved serving her community and fighting for those who often had no voice. she said beth always embraced life. >> sh
in the raids. >>> new this morning, san jose has seen a spike in crimes like burglaries and car thefts. "mercury news" looked at crime stats. 28,000 property crimes were reported in 2012 and that is nearly 30% increase over 2011 and the highest figure since 1995. it is generally a reflection of statewide trends for more property crimes. san jose ranks fifth among biggest large cities. >>> berkeley restaurant owner is hoping to be back in business after spending the night making repairs at chez panisse. an electrical fire was racing through the ground floor. john alston shows understanding the main upstairs dining room is still intact. >> reporter: instead of dleigtd the friday night dinner crowd. they were boarding up windows and among the disappointed was jamie drake that was planning to have a birthday dinner here. >> the reservations are tough to get. yeah, what better place to go to chez panisse for your birthday. that was the plan. we are lucky we live down the street. we will come back. >> reporter: the fire started just after 3:00 in the morning. the apparent cause was a faulty
are live in san jose where the roads are wet, we will tell you what to expect for your commute. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you, it is wednesday, march 6th, i am dave clark. >> yes, and we are on storm watch this morning. >> well, some roads in the bay area looked like lakes overnight. a photographer took these pictures. nearly a foot fell on santa rosa and the rain caused all sorts of problems, trees were knocked down and roads were taken by trees. >>> you can see scattered showers in parts of the north bay and some more greens are showing up basically to san jose and out to the east, this activity has moved to the south and we will move the maps to the south as well. it does increase rainfall rate in that area and we have arraign fall intensity 1.76. speaking of the commute we will check in with sal now. >>> traffic is moving along relatively well but it is windy between walnut creek and oakland and it is windy everywhere, but 5:02, let's go back to the desk, again the win will get your attention. >>> san francisco s.w.a.t. teams are at
, just even like subdue the guy. >> san jose police are still trying to recover all the items that were tossed out of the car by the driver during the chase, including a possible weapon. if anyone happens to come across any of those item, they are urged to call san jose police so they can collect them as evidence. in san jose, abc7 news. >> new this morning fire crews in campbell of work to go clean up a big mess caused by a small fire that broke out last night inside our residential high-rise for seniors. no one was injured, but some residents are being helped by the red cross because their homes are damaged. the fire was minor, contained just one 12th-floor apartment. it set off of the sprinkler system that quickly put out the flames but the water drained all the way down through all twelve floors directly below. firefighters had to go floor by floor checking the damage. >> trying to ascertain how many of the units are damaged to the point that the occupants are displaced. most people are obviously going to be fine. >> those seniors fortunate enough to be allowed to go back home had t
otherwise, in san jose we have a solo spinout in los gatos northbound 17 blocking a lane of traffic. it will be cleared when the tow truck is on the scene. >> there are two more chances for cardinals inside the cistene chapel to vote and select the next pope with the morning sessions ending with no decision katie, could we have a decision today? >> if history is any indication that is a long shot. according to the vatican the shortest conclave of the 20th century was three ballots in 1939. we have passed that marker, two votes this morning and one yesterday bringing us to three ballots. the only way to know is by watching the chimney on the chapel, and this is a live look , with white smoke signal as new pope is chosen but we have only seen this. check out the video from this morning, black smoke around 3: 3:40, so no cardinal receives two-thirds majority or 77 of the 115 votes. the longest conclave lasted five days in the 20th century. if this breaks all modern records there are new rules that allow for a simple majority if on pope hasn't been found after 12 or 13 days. of course,
teacher is facing child endangerment charges and will be in court later today here in san jose. parents of kids of the preschool are absolutely stunned by the news. police say this woman, 59 -year-old would lives here has worked on-and-off at the academy in morgan for five years but 20 years in child care. authorities believe she spiked a sippy cup of the children that were one and two. she was fired on-the-spot. >> she was preparing water and the co-worker witnessed her putting something in the water, in the sippy cups. >> i was sick to my stomach. i want to throw up. i am...sad. it is disturbing. >> the owner of the academy said in a statement the safety and welfare of children is the a top priority. our staff have chosen early childhood education because of their love of working with children. we do not know how many children may have been given the pills but all are okay. police have no motive for the crime other than wanting to get kids to go to sleep. we are live in san jose this morning for abc7 news. >> happening now, extra police officers will be at foothill high school this mo
's average is $4.22. in san jose it's $4.13 and in oakland it's $4.12. bay area prices are 24-cents higher. >>> the county closed a station in lafayette after lawmakers denied a proposal. there's no merger agreement yet to share a new facility but talks are beginning. meetings will be held before the two agencies tomorrow and tuesday. >>> trunks of unmanned police vehicles can no longer be manned from inside. that's what happened when someone smashed a window of a police car and stole a rifle. the rifle was found two days later at an oakland home. >>> in our continuing coverage of the sequester cuts in the budget, president obama plans several visits to that place right there capitol hill. some republicans are skeptical of the president's motives for reaching out. others are hoping his efforts will encourage bipartisan cooperation and break the gridlock in washington. cristina muchler reports. >> none of this is necessary. it's happening because a choice that republicans in congress have made. >> reporter: from that to this. >>ive been reaching out to republicans and democrats to see if w
the dogs in 2007 but the dublin school board voted to bring them back last year. >>> san jose police are looking for two men that are suspected of robbing people leaving a light rail station. janine de la vega is at station with a look at the video police are hoping will lead them to the suspects. >> reporter: the second incident in the last couple of months where victims have been followed off of a light rail station and robbed in neighborhood. the first one happened on ray street but the latest involved a light rail station and happened in the evening hours. police want you to take a good look at these two men. one is black the other is latino and both appear to be in their 20s. on march 8th they followed victims off the train which is near capital avenue. this is video of the two suspects getting off the train. investigators say they confronted the victims in a neighborhood about a half mile away. it was there where they shot the victims. after the victims were robbed the suspects ran away. the first suspect is described as black being 5'10" ta
. >> the memorial for the detectives will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in san jose. also a scholarship fund has been establish in honor the officers. officers have already committed $125,000 to the fund. if you want to make a donation, go to our website and click on "see it on tv" at the top of our home page. >>> across the board federal budget cuts known as the sequester are here. last night the president signed and order launching bills of dollars of cuts and people are brace fourth the impact. we have the details. >> before president obama signed the order to start $85 billion in automatic spending cuts, people across the country prepared for the worst. at mount rushmore more national memorial, that means no hiring for the busy summer season and no more traveling for park staffers either. at fort bragg, spending cuttings are already in place and thousands of workers in central texas will feel the most pain from the budget cuts. >> our employees have been, you know, really confused and shattered by what could happen. >> and along with worries, people seem annoyed and frustrated. >> e
you what the victims here are saying about this experience. >>> we're live in san jose where police need your help in solving a robbery. we'll show you the video of men who were targeting people on a light rail. >>> and the fog is the story this morning. find out which bay area bridge has the thickest fog. >>> and threats of settling accounts with the u.s.. the new warning from north korea this morning. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday, good friday march 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get a quick check on the weather and traffic. steve it's a little humid today? >> it definitely was yesterday afternoon. >> yeah no doubt. fog is with us coast and bay. some areas inland are clear, clear. inland temperatures will warm up. tomorrow everything starts to fall apart but today watch out for that fog. here is sal. >>> steve, the san mateo bridge looks good. the fog hasn't reached it yet. you and i have been doing this long enough the fog moves around. especially as the sun goes up. this is a look at the bay bridge. the c
elected him. in the bay area the celebrations began last night gathering in san jose and most members of san jose's argentine club are happy saying he is intelligent and a man of principle. one man is caucus with the praise. >> i have a wait-and-see attitude because he has a reputation for being ultra conservative so that is not necessarily the remedy of what ails the catholic faith. >> pope francis is known as a champion of the poor. he rode the bus in argentina and cooked his own miles and will be officially installed on tuesday. next tuesday, vice president biden is going to lead a united states delegation for the installation. this afternoon in san francisco there will be a mass of thanksgiving at st. mary's cathedral at 12:10. the archbishop is encouraging other parishes to do the same. >> surfers and fishermen will breakdown a fence that breaks access to a half moon bay that is blocked off to keep the public out. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, is there with that story. is it legal to block the path? >> that is the question. the fight is on. surfers on one side, property ow
thursday has been moved to san jose to accommodate the thousands of mourners who are expected to attend. this morning, police are hoping this woman may have some answers about the killer. sergio quintana has the latest. >> steady stream of people continued their pilgrimage to the san jose police department. >> it shows a lot of community support. a lot of people were affected by this. >> the show of support has been overwhelming. a planned public memorial service next thursday was to be held at kaiser per in an day arena but both venues were deemed too small so they will be held at hp pavilion in san jose. there was mixed reaction from residents. >> the fact that it has to it was so big it had to be moved, it's awesome. it shows the support the community gives to each other. >> santa cruz officers are back on patrol. their day shift counterparts took over from the sheriff's department and california highway patrol. some officers welcomed the return to service. citizens have been so supportive. it's nice to get back and start serving them again. it's been a rough couple days. >> they are
story. >> more than 100 people have been living in a homeless camp in san jose. they are supposed to clear out this morning but many are still here. what is going to happen. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete, bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings onto. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. happening now, in oakland, federal agents and local police are teaming up for a major crime sweep. brian flores is live from oakland with new information on this developing story. >> reporter: good morning to you. what we are learning is that this police raid involving oakland police as well as united states marshalls, they arrested several people this morning starting at around two on people involved in violent crime. this was confirmed when we pulled up about six a large group of officers and some heavy tactical gear and armored vehicles. the police station served as a regrouping point for the operation which included opd and united states marshalls. attorneys also involved here as well. they have a command unit based in
and the low cloud deck over san jose. mostly cloudy. in the 30s to 40s. once again. 37 in santa rose a.38napa. i want to point out this is slightly warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. though it's a cold start we are about like where we were friday. if you were out early you know what to expect. 37 in walnut creek. widespread 40s, 46 san francisco, 43 in areas around haywood. 38 san ramone. again we will start now to see the temperatures slowly turn around over the next two hours and then into the afternoon a nice warm up in store. here is the forecast. picking up just a little bit of high cloud cover around are the bay area, san jose reporting mostly cloudy by ten its clearing out. even the coastline looks mostly clear for your saturday afternoon. temperatures will be a few degrees above yesterday afternoon highs. pacific satellite view the system that brought the little bit of rain and then moved sight is pushing eastover arizona. we are still on the back edge of this trough like pattern. ridge of high pressure and the difference between the two could bring up the winds just a bit in to
this time yesterday from one degree, not much warmer in san jose, but five degrees warmer in mountain view, and three in concord and seven at half moon bay and three in napa. what are we doing right now? >> hanging out in the 40's to 50 and american canyon and petaluma and palo alto at 41 degrees. financial district right now is 50 followed by richmond at 49 and san leandro and union city at 48 and along with pittsburg and saratoga and santa clara at 45 degrees. as we head through the morning, we will hang out in the low-to-upper 40's from our inland neighborhoods through the coast and to the bay. by noon, the clouds throughout now, the fog is gone and sunshine and a few high clouds from time to time like yesterday but the new temperatures, the outdoor patios the be packed in the favorite restaurants as you head to 4:00, upper 60's around the bay and mid-70's inland and we will settle in the throw upper 60's around the bay and inland during the evening hours and cooler at the coast admit 60's. the warmth will reach the height tomorrow, but tapering on thursday and friday but still above av
cruz memorial. the viewing comes one day before a public memorial service at hp pavilion in san jose. thursday's procession is set to start at 8:45 in the morning in santa cruz. participants will all be staging at the third street parking lot on the board walk. the procession will head north over highway 17 to hp pavilion in downtown san jose. authorities say that procession will cause rolling road closures along the route. >>> ktvu will air thursday's memorial live. our coverage begins with mornings on 2. then at 11:00, our coverage continues as the funeral procession makes its way to san jose. >>> on wall street the dow jones went where it has never been before surpassing it's previous record in closing at an all time high. the dow gained 125 points to 14,253. that is 90 points above the previous record set before the recession in october of 2007. nasdaq gained 42 it's at a 12 year high but still 19 points below its report set back in march 2000. still there was no champane popping in wall street. there's reluctance to get too excited since the economy remains in recovery mode. low
you. >>> starting today san jose businesses have to pay the workers a minimum wage of $10 an hour. a news conference held today kicks off the first day of higher minimum wage. it was students who circulated petitions to launch the wage increase proposal. nearly 60% of san jose voters passed the measure in november. several local businesses adopted the pay raise soon after. >> we are going with it. i started it a month ago with most of my employees just to get into it and see how it works. and i know that it is happier employees, great customer service compared to good customer service and my lines are going out the door. >> experts predict the measure will inject $70 million in added revenue. those workers will have to spend the extra pay in san jose. >>> an almeida county superior judge has overturned the rape conviction of johnny williams. he was convicted in 1998 of sexually attacking a 9-year-old girl. at the time forensic testing of the victim's clothing was inconclusive. last year the innocence project partnered. it ran a new dna test on the clothes and those show that willi
warning to the united states. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where police need your help in solving a robbery. we'll tell you surveillance video of the men who targeted some teenaged boys riding the light rail. >>> and the becomes a victim and the reward growing from it. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >>> good friday move, i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell. dave clark is off today. >>> police are searching for the driver who plowed into a home in san francisco's bayview district, then took off. it happened around 4:00 it morning. tara moriarty is joinging us with reaction from the home in the woman who thought there had been an earthquake. >> reporter: good morning. they thought it was an earthquake. the mother said the daughter rushed into her bedroom and said i think it's the big one and then they looked outside and saw the car smashed into their house where the blue tarp is. witnesses say the driver slammed into the house and then the suspect ran away. there appears to be about $10,000 worth of damage to the house and many items inside the garage were ruined, including a
back to san jose and c.h.p. updated the location of the motorcycle accident north 285, a motorcycle hit the center divide and we also have very slow traffic through the walnut creek area southbound 680 with an accident blocking the right lane. kristen and eric? >> a bay area business is try dog cash in on the possible labor day weekend run that could take place on the new bay bridge. the chronicle reports that women's running retailer is now offering a 14-week training course for the possible rain with a cost of $150 and the training course includes weekly training sessions, lessons and injury prevention and running gear. they admit there may not be a race. the discussions over the opening of the bridge are still taking place. we are counting the days until the new bridge opens. you can see we are 174 days away >> ahead, the simple steps can you take to make sure that the h.d. picture or your tv pops out. >> what yahoo c.e.o. is now insisting on before hiring any [ female announcer ] there's a great way to make just about anything delicious. simply add jif chocolate flavored hazelnut sp
plates stolen from san jose cars and stolen goods inside as well. a woman was also locked inside the room but she was given a chance to leave and declined. a s.w.a.t. team was called to the scene as well as gilroy police and canine units. at 4:30 the man surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody. no one was hurt. >>> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. san jose police have released a sketch of the woman wanted for kidnapping an car theft after driving away with a baby stolen in a jeep. the vehicle was parked outside an east san jose home with tadler in her car seat yesterday morning. the child's mother ran back into the home to grab something and was gone just a few seconds. when she returned, the jeep and her 11-month-old child were both gone. police found the suv five hours later abandoned but with the baby safely inside. the suspect was seen wandering the neighborhood and talking on her cell phone moments before stealing the jeep. >>> in a south bay courtroom, a not guilty plea from a former teacher accused of trying to drug children at a day care center. she stood before a judge
recognize these men, call san jose police. i also want to mention that a couple of months ago a woman was robbed. she was on ray street and that incident when we reported it, we showed pictures of the suspect and people called into the station, recognizing the suspects, an arrest was made. police are hoping, even though this is an unrelated case, if police recognize the pictures, that maybe, you know, they will call into police and they will be able to get success in this case. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. >>> a suicide bomber killed 11 people and injured more than 20 in an attack at a u could. son sue lit in pakistan -- u.s. consulate in pakistan. reportedly, the target of the attack was a police commander. he was not hurt. the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility for the attack saying police are part of the system they don't recognize and they are operating against us. >>> meantime, a mass rally in north korea today against the u.s. coming up at 7:15, the action by the u.s. that has
a new crisis for several community organizations. >> reporter: this is where many san jose residents come for crisis intervention or other counseling services. this is also the time when the counseling center begins identifying budget priorities for the next fiscal year. but there is a problem. they don't have account supervisor to help them lobby for funds. >> to me this is the district that can least afford to not have a leader right now. >> reporter: the filing process opened today for those wanting to replace him as supervisor in district two, the poorest of the five county district. many worry that the special election is too late for a new supervisor to have a grasp of budget priorities. >> there won't be someone voting on the allocation of precious resources during the budget process. >> reporter: community groups are organizing, forming coalitions to identify those budget priorities. they want to meet with the candidates to ensure when the time comes to fight at the board of supervisors district two gets its share. >> we have a list that we need to fight for and we are going
of you using a the benicia bridge like porches in san jose. >> we will continue to monitor your rank. on futurecast 4:06 a.m. light showers. spotty in nature nothing to organized. thistle continue to drop the day. you need to keep your umbrellas handy around lunchtime. >> 3:00 p.m. rain in the north bay. showers will continue to wednesday evening and thursday as well due to the instability with the system. small hail, a pop up thunderstorms, and lightning along the coastline is a possibility. >> that is what is on tap for tomorrow. temperatures not bad. 49 and vallejo. 51 for san francisco. taking a look at wednesday you have heard howling drop the morning. 17 per mile an hour winds. >> 23 around the oakland hills. >> dusty conditions as she stepped outside. heading into the afternoon everyone in the mid to upper 50s. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows will continue weather as we transition into tomorrow. friday that mix of sun and cloud into the upper 50s. a gradual warm up heading into the weekend. push your clocks forward. it will fill like springtime yet again bec
gorgeous here. 82 in gilroy. 72 in san jose. 70s up into san francisco and 79 in santa rosa. gilroy was the warmest today. it was first on stop here for some of the warm air aloft. we do have the haze. we had some fog this morning. a lot of that burned off. we'll have moderate air quality the next 48 hours. to the north, a gorgeous view here, looking back towards san francisco. so this shallow marine layer continues to be with us. we're going to see that beefing up here over the next 24 hours. storm track is just off to the north. high pressure will shield us from any kind of raindrops the next two days. we're going to find that jet stream pushing to the south, increasing the cloud cover and give us cooling for tomorrow. i don't think we'll be in the 80s throughout thursday and friday. mainly the 70s for the interior valleys and closer to the coastline, temperatures in the 50s and also 60s. for the morning hours, cloud cover increasing from 10:00 a.m. to the noon hour and mainly sunshine throughout your sunday. so increasing cloud cover as compared to today. 48 in san jose. 46 in li
. >> they hired the guard in january because of the crime spike. according to the san jose police department, property crimes city-wide are up, nearly 30%. in 2012 auto thefts also jumped up 71%. in the meantime the city's police department continues to struggle with staffing levels. currently there are the 78 officers. five years ago there were 1400. >> that's probably number one. more police officers. patrolling. >> he did not want to be identified. his neighborhood home was burglarized recently. he, like so many others, want more police officers on the streets and now his neighborhood is also taking action. >> with the police department stretched sole thin, the eden neighborhood association has started a volunteer neighborhood watch program. >> retirees patrol the streetsdalely. the mayor released his budget message and plans to hire 100 more officers this year. a point he stressed at the state of the city address last month. >> my priority for the coming here will be public safety. >> but the police officers union doesn't buy it. they say residents are the ones hardest hit. >> they are p
of the crime spike. according to the san jose police department, property crimes city-wide are up, nearly 30%. in 2012 auto thefts also jumped up 71%. in the meantime the city's police department continues to struggle with staffing levels. currently there are the 78 -- nine hundred seventy eight officers and a year ago that were fourteen hundred. >> that's probably number one -- more police officers. patrolling. >> he did not want to be identified. his neighborhood home was burglarized recently. he, like so many others, want more police officers on the streets and now his neighborhood is also taking action. >> with the police department stretched so thin, the eden neighborhood association has started a volunteer neighborhood watch program. >> retirees patrol the streets daily. the mayor released his budget message and plans to hire 100 more officers this year. a point he stressed at the state of the city address last month. >> my priority for the coming here will be public safety. >> but the police officers union doesn't buy it. they say residents are the ones hardest hit. >> they are paying
at the togo's restaurant in downtown san jose. a student eating there heard the commotion and rushed over to help. >> so i ran over there, and it was just empty. she was laying on the ground on her face bleeding. >> a police search of the neighborhood came up empty. police are still searching for ramirez this morning. they say he and gonzales broke up two years ago and she had an active restraining order against him. police believe ramirez could be headed to mexico in a truck that looks like this one. a dark green 1996 toyota t-100. if you see that truck you are urged to call police immediately. >>> new video of a tree that fell on a house in the oakland hills. it happened around 3:30 this morning on oakwood drive, the tree estimated to be 75 foot tall crashed down on the corner of the roof. the downed tree also brought traffic on oakwood drive to a stop. firefighters say they do not know what caused that tree to fall. >>> an investigation is underway into a crash involving a scooter and a santa clara county sheriffs patrol car. the accident happened before 12:30 this morning in the area
, about five degrees warmer than yesterday, 6 in san jose, 60 in san francisco. santa cruz not bad 63 degrees. tonight set the clocks ahead one hour, daylight savings time begins tomorrow. no chance of rain all week long. have a great weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. erica? >> all right. thanks. >>> we are talking weather. when it comes to predicting the path of the biggest storms, the super computers in europe seem to have ours beat. why the difference? al roker takes a look. >> reporter: they were dire warnings that shut down the nation's capital. >> our biggest snowfall in two years. can you believe it? >> reporter: forecasters promising washington's worst storm in two years. but that didn't happen. >> the question is, tom, do we need the push broom or the great, big shovel out here? we don't need either. >> reporter: the weather channel's jim cantore, known best for braving water like this -- >> hold on to the camera, brad -- >> reporter: was left in the snowless capital. >> no snow anywhere to be found. >> reporter: cliff mass is an atmospheric science professor at the un
of cutting back, san jose's mayor is ready to buy up public safety again. two years ago they were facing a short off and laid off some employees and gave others a 10% pay cut. finances have improved and the mayors says he wants to spend the bulk of the money on police. >> we need town crease the capacity of the police department, we need to be more aggressive about recruitsing, hiring and training, and we need to get more officers on the street. those are things we will be able to do because we have extra money to spend this year. >> the police and fire unions were the most vocal in opposing the cuts two years ago. the police union issued a statement in a reads, in part, we were expecting to hear bold leadership from the mayor but instead we heard a women per. starting monday as the minimum wage workers are getting a two dollars an hour increase in race. they claim it will hope both business own speakers employees. here's business and technology reporter david loui. >> the boss hasn't said anything yet but he will get a pay rise next week. he works 40 hours a week while in college. the m
with upper 40s san jose, oakland. and already in the mid-50s half moon bay. 55 santa cruz. the 24 hour temperatures change you may have noticed in most spots. you notice where the yellow is. it's warmer. santa rosa, novato. we talk about livermore, cooler there. hayward a little cooler. upper 70s the highs at the sonoma county airport and gilroy yesterday. 61 half moon bay. clear and mild in morning. sunny and breezy today. if you liked yesterday we can expect again similar high temperatures. the rain coming in by tuesday night. it's out of here, though, by wednesday. here's a look at our setup right now. we've got high pressure off the coast. once again, we'll have the northwesterly winds build in throughout the afternoon. so anywhere from ten to twenty miles an hour. it did get a little breezy yesterday. today a repeat performance. we will have that and the cooler numbers at the coast. elsewhere once again we will see the 70s return. around the state today, lower 50s in the northern sierra with mid-60s in the southern sierra. upper 50s coastside. otherwise look at the 70s returning f
brothers. there is a lot forming from san jose out to san jose, crockett, and benicia and out on the coast. the clouds will move in here late tonight and tomorrow. inland temps will be mild to warm today. 60s -- 50s and 60s coast and bay. here is sal. >>> as steve mentioned the fog may be an issue for drivers. this is a look at interstate 880. normally we can see a lot of it. but just if you are driving soon please give yourself a little extra time as you might have to negotiate poor visibility. >>> in just the past few minutes we received new information. the sonoma county sheriffs office just confirmed a man was shot and killed by officers near the intersection of odd fellows park road and river side drive. now this is video shot just before midnight as officers sealed off that area. ktvu tara moriarty joins us now on the phone with more of this latest information from the sheriffs deputies. tara. >> the sheriffs mobile crime lab unit pulled up moments ago. we're off highway 116. a few minutes from downtown guerneville. we are being kept several hundred yards back from the crime scene. i
four complaints against the city of san jose. the action means the complaint has to be heard by an administrative law judge. after 70% approved measure b some city workers resigned rather than accept reduced benefits and a higher retirement age. >> the city had a requirement to bargain in good faith and did not do so. >> city workers say the state employment relations board has been successful in challenging san diego's pension reform plan. >>> police on the peninsula say the sunnyveil man who killed three members of a family was driving drunk. he made his first court appearance today. police say on saturday night he was driving about 60 miles per hour when he hit the family's car. he had been racing away from another accident he had just caused. police say a blood test show the blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit after drinking beer for five hours at a nearby restaurant. the crash killed a mother and two sons and critically injured a fourth person in that car. the times reports he is already on probation. >>> still ahead tonight at 6:00 a local woman unde
number 8. >> go bruins. we are up there at least. >>> 6:22, violent crimes are on the rise in san jose, how people are now taking the law into their own hands. >>> the elderly woman of the -- the family of the elderlwoman is supporting the nurse's decision to not to intervene. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . >> welcome back, the family of the woman who died at glenwood facility who died in baker's field died and a 911 nurse refused to do cpr saying it was against the policy. the family said it was our beloved mother's wish to die and she was fully aware they did not offer trained medical staff. >>> violent crimes on the rise and police want to teach citizens how to fight back. they are hosting a forum on crime prevention and some topics include what to do when you see a crime and how to avoid becoming a victim. it will be
, talking about the warmest day of the year so far, 83 degrees in livermore. here in san jose, 77 degrees. we will peak today, cool iing y off a couple of degrees heading into thursday. friday and saturday, things start to change. onshore flow increases. more fog to start the day and cooler afternoons as a result. saturday to sunday, st. apatrick's day weekend looks good for your outdoor plans and next rain comes into play tuesday and wednesday. we need mike inouye right now. >> we need something. congestion as well as the low clouds right here, 101 north of 680, low clouds in the background. very thick in spots. can't even use our camera at 280 and 16 because of the fog rolling in there. north 87, we have to see that clearing, just cleared from the roadway, five-car crash is cleared. monterey highway, great alternate for you, very slow off 87. 85, slow all the way up into cupertino. we'll end with this map, laura, and show you this. >> thank you very much. >>> enjoy this beautiful morning. the rule is whenever i get something new, i have to get rid of something. shop like a fashionista.
're still slated to hit the warmest day of the year so far. 46 degrees to start in san jose. it's mild out there. downright mild compared to where which started on monday morning at this time. 43 in gilroy. at noon, look at where temperatures are headed. 70 degrees as you break for lunch in san jose. and then we'll get into upper 70s in some cities as of this afternoon highs coming in about 3:30 in the afternoon 77 degrees on the way for fairfield. saturday, sunday, holding strong in the 70s. rush hour. foggy. let's check that drive with mike. >> good morning. you can see of the roadways is a very tough view right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the reason there's a backup here, they turned metering lights on and relatively normal schedule for monday through thursday. fridays we don't expect that. the fog limited visibility likely playing a factor crossing the bay there's an advisory for richmond san rafael bridge, san mateo bridge and now dumbarton bridge. orange on maps shows where visibility is an issue. east shore freeway, oakland, 580, 8808 along the peninsula and north bay san fra
with 75 in san jose. on the peninsula, low-to-mid 70's from san mateo south, with clouds stubborn at the coast and you stuck in the upper 60's. 68 in downtown with 66 in south san francisco, and sausalito is 69, and as soon as you get to san rafael, 74 degrees and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay, and at the beep, upper 50's to near 60 and high clouds and sunshine and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore and oakland at 74. as you head inland, more 80's are possible around pleasanton and mid-to-upper 70's for the rest of the neighbors. headed out and about i will show you what will happen today: 80's everywhere throughout the central valley and 94 seven possible today. bring it back home with mid-40's to upper 40's inland and upper 40's to 50 tomorrow morning, and 52 in san francisco, and we will see a repeat of this morning with fog on the coast spilling into the bay area and the north bay valley. here is the accweather seven-day outlook, temperatures are dropping thursday and friday, and dropping more through the weekend, and it is not until tuesday we get a better cha
and temperatures in the mid-70s. tomorrow, 42 in santa rosa, 49 in fremont, 48 in san jose, and also 47 in los gatos. and daytime highs on wednesday, topping out just a few degrees warmer. but that will make all the difference with 81 expected in gilroy, 78 in pasadena, and los gatos, in livermore, 78 in pleasonton, not quite 80 in san francisco, 73, close to it in santa rosa with 78 degrees. the three-day forecast, dry all the way through friday, with mainly again, mild temperatures the next couple of days. by this weekend, the numbers go down again. smooth sailing, the weather man is very happy. we have been able to add up the cloud cover, we want the rainfall. spring arriving wednesday of next week. and forecast models, the gfs model to be specific, now hinting at the chance here, maybe a quarter inch of rain next wednesday. >> we could use it. >> i'm very happy about it. >> i forget about gfs. >> we'll be right back. >>> well, say good-bye to solyndra, and hello to seagate, the computer disk drive maker is putting its mark at the site of the former solyndra plant in fremont. you can see it
morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. san jose police looking for your help to catch two people that followed people off the rail and robbed them. they say a man in the white shirt and the man in the black shirt followed the victims off the light rail at the station three weeks ago, threatened to shoot the victims if they didn't hand over money. luckily, no one has been hurt. if you see anything, call police. i want to call christina on the forecast. it is going to be nice today. >>> it really is. once we get rid of all this cloud cover. that sun is outburning that top layer you have a. by 9:00 a.m., we should be mostly clear. i want to point out even with all those low clouds, we are running out of town. all flights across every major airport in this nation reporting on time right now. that's the good news. temperatures today are going to be close to 80 degrees in places like livermore. 78 in gilroy and 80 degrees straight up in fairfield as we head throughout the next couple of days. we start to get more active. expecting a pretty active easter sunday. keep that in mind
. clearing by the time you get to mission. the northbound route through san jose, 280 over the last 20 minutes. a big change in 17, slowing northbound. idyllwild into los gatos, things are clear all lanes. >> appreciate it. we will have another local update in one half hour from right now. the "today" show coming back at you. >>> what's the best thing about being a parent, as she prepares to become one herself. she also ask eed us about the wisdom our moms passed on to us and she's going to share what she learned coming up. >>> meanwhile, 7:30, march 31st, 2013. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie. >> coming up, the makeup artist who made it here to work her magic on five ladies. >> and then the personal treasures of david cassidy going up for auction, and it's for a very good cause. the man himself will be here to tell us all about that in just a little while. >> we're going to begin this half hour with a kentucky teenager charged with disorderly conduct for a prank that some hard-core gamers didn't find funny. >> good morning, here's a live lesson for all of us. don't mess with
into the evening. 68 in santa teresa. 68 degrees comfort right here in san jose. a little bit cooler at the coast, not by much. about 65 degrees in ocean beach. getting into the next couple days, the rain moves in late tomorrow, continues through wednesday. we're going to clear you out by thursday and enjoy a nice sunny finish to the weekend. >>> did harry approve of the forecast? >> yes. >> just making sure. for your latest forecast any time check it out on weather.com. >> thank you very much. coming up oscar winner nicolas cage live in our studio to tell us about his new animated movie. a rare glimpse into the private life of the queen right after this. [ poof! ] hey there, henderson family. i'm your rav4 genie. your wish is my command. i wish the old spare tire was gone. really? out of everything in the...okay. [ snaps fingers ] oh no, i meant... i wish animals could talk. much better. i wish the old spare tire was gone. [ laughs ] oh, i wish i could eat as much chocolate as i want. well, your chocolate levels are dangerously low. now gladys is gonna start you on a chocolate iv. and here are s
are at 45. san jose. sunnyvale, 45. we are going to round out the day in the mid-70s. by tomorrow, warmer weather. hope you have a fantastic day! >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you. >>> from where you are let's head further south for a journey to the bottom of the earth. nbc's kerry sanders is just back from antarctica, where he got a remarkable look at the world's last wilderness. good to see you. >> good morning, matt. when most people think of antarctica because it was on the cover of "sports illustrated" they may think of model kate upton, but if you look at those pictures there in the background -- take a look. see that? penguins and ice. and it's those penguins and ice that together, experts say, may be trying to tell us something. if there is a time of year for penguins to enjoy life, it's now. at the bottom of the world, it's summer. the eggs have hatched. chicks are molting, as waterproof feathers replace baby fuzz. soon they'll join their parents for their first polar plunge. >> they walk on two feet. they have thes
morning. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. mostly cloudy. san jose, same deal. a little bit of sunshine in san francisco. highs today are going to be just about as warm as yesterday. we are forecasting 67 degrees in livermore, 68, gilroy. right around 66 degrees in santa teresa. chances for rain ramp up as we head through tonight. mostly in the north bay by thursday. another chance looking good for sunday. it's a sign from god. let's show you -- first, go to weather.com, or the weather channel to get your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. >>> up next, how facebook is helping lead to a new understanding of tornados, and the 17-year-old whiz kid who just sold his app to yahoo! for millions. but first, these messages. yaho millions. but first, these messages. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you.
. known for songs including "do you know the way to san jose" and "walk on by." her spokesperson said she was the victim of bad financial management. >>> a couple of close calls and two amazing videos to show this morning. take a look. a bus driver is being hailed as a hero after -- >> oh! >> i know. a car hit a lamppost sending it through the bus in china. the driver was injured. he ruptured his spleen but managed to stop the bus and saved those passengers. unbelievable. >> reflexes. >> unbelievable, i know. and look at this. in dayton, ohio, first responders were on the scene of an accident tuesday on a snowy road when a pickup skidded into one of the firefighters on the left of the screen. unbelievable. he was injured. dayton, ohio. he is hospitalized but thankfully is expected to fully recover. that's in dayton, ohio. >>> and al, this one's especially for you. the a-team's mr. t. was on the ice last night during a break in the blackhawks/flames game. showed off his skills. icago native was right on target after he was heard saying, quote, i pity that puck, or day i say i pity that puc
70s. we are going to wrap up the day at 75 degrees. here in san jose, comfortable weekend. >>> this is the rush-hour drive through the south bay. underneath the 887 interchange. on the maps, we don't have the beautiful sunrise but we do have the red to illustrate that section. 87 and 101, minor slowing. typical congestion at 85, turns green again. speeds close to the limits. we are looking southbound 880 coming out of hayward and in towards fremont. smooth drive. speeds in the upper 50s. lights on. minor backup at the bay bridge. smooth incline and freeway. back to you. >>> thank you very much. another local update in one half hour from now. in the meantime, the "today" show rolls on. hope to see you later. >>> it's kind of a show band. >> okay. >> not the orange? >> this isn't the orange marching band. they are from kir sues, -- syracuse, university. they are called -- >> 7:30 on this friday morning, the 15th of march 2013, that was the scene yesterday on our plaza. we had a surprise appearance by this band and now fast forward 24 hours. >> that's right, you do not try to
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